14. augustist 2013
13. augustini 2014
aitas OÜl Atribor põhivara soetada Ettevõtluse Arendamise Sihtasutuse alustava ettevõtja kasvutoetuse programm.

1. The visitors of the centre will leave their outerwear in the cloakroom.

2. The visitors of the centre will only consumer food and drinks sold on site. The employees of the centre have the right to confiscate the food and drinks brought by the customers.

3. The golf equipment given to the visitors for the duration of the tournament must be used prudently and returned after the end of the tournament to an employee of the centre

4. We will keep clean and take the rubbish to the place prescribed for it

5. The furnishings of the golf centre are very expensive, therefore we would as you to behave in a prudent manner towards the fittings of the centre. A visitor, who intentionally breaks or ruins the fittings of the centre, is obligated to pay the cost of the broken or ruined fittings according to the price list

6. A visitor of the centre will behave politely and respectfully with other visitors and staff, otherwise the staff of the centre are obligated to take up methods, as a result of which the client who has behaved impolitely or disrespectfully must leave the centre.

7. We will end the party on time so that the next visitors can start at the planned time

8. No smoking indoors

9. The centre is not responsible for the personal belongings of the clients.

10. The tournament booking will lose validity after a 15-minute lateness.

11.We ask you to immediately notify an employee of the centre of a technical fault on the golf course.

12. Some of the golf courses are equipped with special effects, which may scare the player. NB! Given courses are separately marked. In case you have contra-indications to unexpected situations (incl. being startled), then we ask you to avoid given courses or consult an employee of the centre about possible consequences.

12.1. The centre is not responsible for the players’ well-being or health, if the client does not follow the recommendations given in section 12.

13. The parent who has booked the event has to ensure the sensible and prudent behaviour towards the furnishing of the centre of the participants of the event. Climbing on the attractions of the centre and running between the courses is forbidden!